Deposit Accounts

Membership in the credit union can be opened with $30.00.  This is a $5.00 membership fee and $25.00 that is your Regular Share or Savings Account.  $25 must remain at all times and your are limited to 5 withdrawals per month.

Tired of checking accounts and their empty promises? Simplify your life with TMCU Simple Checking! Our checking even pays you interest. 

  • $100 minimum to open.

  • Unlimited Check Writing                            

  • Unlimited withdrawals

  • No minimum balance required

  • Just $5 per month.

  • $5 fee is waived if you maintain a $300 DAILY balance.

We know how important your kids are to you, so we've designed the account that gets them started on the right track; the TMCU College Savings Account.  $100 opens the account.  You are limited to 1 withdrawal per month.  A College Savings Account, usually pays higher dividends than on a Regular Share Account, depending on your balance.

We make it easy to pile on the savings!  Our Christmas Club is great for those members looking to save for the Holiday Season.  Simply deposit in your club throughout the year, and come November 1st, we'll deposit all you have saved into your savings or mail you a check.  Plus!! We pay you interest on your Club Savings.

Plan your retirement with us.  We offer various types of I.R.A.s.  Traditional, Roth, and Education.  Contact us today and set up an appointment with one of specialists to find out which I.R.A. is best for you.   Minimum to open an I.R.A. is $250.00

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