One of the many benefits of being a member of Tex Mex Credit Union is LOANS. We offer all types of loans and our rates are very competitive. Some of the types of loans we offer include...

Personal loans for anyone needing cash for that little something you have always wanted or needed. Rates as low as 8.5% APR.

Banks say they are the best choice in town for an auto loan. We disagree! You shop for your auto, why not shop for your auto loan too?
Now has never been a better time to apply for a new automobile loan. Financing as low as 5.75% is available on brand new vehicles with a 660 credit score or higher. Vehicle financing is available up to 72 months. Other restrictions may apply.

You say you need a little extra cash to make this year's vacation the best ever? Then apply for a Vacation Loan from TMCU.

Need new clothes, backpacks, notebooks or other school supplies? TMCU has you covered with our Back to School Loan. Apply for our low rate loan to purchase any essential item you or your family might need to prepare for going back to school.

Need some extra cash to get that perfect holiday gift? Let TMCU help you! You work hard all year long to make ends meet, but when the holidays come around you may find that you don't have the money to do things for the people you care about. At TMCU, we strive to serve all of your financial needs, therefore, we are proud to offer you a holiday loan to supplement your seasonal spending budget.

We now offer Recreational Vehicle Loans at Tex Mex Credit Union, anything from Motorcycles and RV's to Boats and Campers.  We'll finance it for you.

What is a shared secured loan? A shared secured loan is one a member can receive by using money from their shares or other deposit account as collateral.

How it Works

A Member, wants a loan for $5,000.  The Member's balance is $10,295.97.  Tex Mex Credit union will loan member $5,000 against his shares at a rate of 2.5% above CD rate (Example: CD rate 1.25% = Loan  3.75%).  Available balance in shares:  $5,295.97.   All total shares of $10,295.97 will earn dividends at our current dividend rate.

You can apply for any amount, as long as the money is in one of your share accounts.  Instead of cashing your check, deposit the amount in your shares, and get a worry-free, no hassle SHARE SECURED LOAN.


1) Pick up an application at 1420 Cedar Avenue, Laredo, TX
2) Call and request to have an application faxed to you. (956) 722-1032
3) Print out a copy of our application and bring it in filled out to our office.

Loan Applications

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APR = Annual Percentage Rate  |  APY = Annual Percentage Yield  |  All rates are subject to change.  | All loans are subject to credit approval.  |  Certain restrictions may apply.  |  Contact us via our Contact Page for disclosures on these accounts.